How To Do Velocity On CapCut? Easy Steps

CapCut is the best video editing application accessible on both Android and iOS devices. It has picked up significant popularity, particularly among TikTok fans.

It allows you to perform essential editing tasks like cutting, trimming, and reversing videos. Moreover, it offers a wide selection of filters, transitions, text options, stickers, background music, and a tool to adjust video speed, facilitating velocity adjustments.

How To Do Velocity On CapCut: First, export the video in slow-motion. Create a new project and import the same video. Trim the video into parts and increase the speed of every next part while leaving the parts in between as they are.

What Does Changes in Velocity Mean?

Video velocity is a term employed to explain how a video accelerates at a specific stage, aiming to convey distinct emotions. For instance, in a video spanning 16 seconds, you have the option to slow the initial six seconds and subsequently smoothly increase the pace for the remaining 10 seconds, contingent on your specific needs.

While it’s possible to segment the video into various parts and modify the speed of each segment, such adjustments gives viewers a jarring experience.

Presently, video velocity finds extensive application in videos shared on social media, advertisements, or sports footage. It serves to accentuate the intense feel and elevate viewer engagement.

How To Do Velocity On CapCut

How Do You Make a Velocity Edit on CapCut?

The velocity of the cap cut is related to the speed at which the video clip is played. The app allows you to slow down or speed up your videos being edited.

Making a velocity edit on CapCut is not difficult but a bit complex for beginners. Let’s learn how to do velocity edit on CapCut step by step:

1. Set Up CapCut

The first step you have to do is to install the CapCut Pro APK on your mobile or Android on which you want to edit your videos. You can download it from or from the PlayStore. After installing the app, login to your account for a better video editing experience.

2. Import Video & Export Slow Motion

Now, this is the time to import the video you want to edit in velocity style. After importing the video, reduce its speed to around 0.2x and export it. 

how to make a velocity edit capcut
Reduce the speed and export the video.

Next, import the same video in a new project to apply velocity edit effects. 

3. Import the Audio

Now, add the audio on which you want to make the velocity-styled video. After adding the audio, click on it, and you will see a beat option. It will allow you to add visual marks on the audio layer where the beat sound is high or later you want to split your video. 

You can also see the high-beat points in the sound layer under your video. 

4. Trim Video in Parts

Now, you need to split your video into multiple parts. Just click on the video and hit split. It will divide your video into parts. Later, you can apply further editing to individual pieces. 

velocity edit capcut tutorial

5. Control Speed

Now, you need to control the speed of these video parts. Click on the first video part and increase the speed as much as you can. Leave the second part. Increase the playback speed of the third part as previously.

Repeat the process for all video parts.

In summary: you need to increase the speed of video parts, leaving one part in between as it is. 

It will create a nice velocity effect that you are looking for. Now, export the video and enjoy your edit. 

Smooth Velocity Edit on CapCut

If your edited video is not appearing smooth, you can enhance its visual appeal by adding motion blur to it. 

To do this, first, export your video and create a new project. Import the same video into the new project and select it. Look for the option “Motion Blur” in the tabs below.

Now, set the blur to the maximum value of 100 and blend to 12. That’s it! Your velocity-edited video will now be smooth and ready to share.

Free CapCut Velocity Template

If you are looking for a pre-built velocity edit solution, try this amazing velocity template in CapCut.

capcut velocity template

Why is it useful to use CapCut for velocity editing?

Using CapCut for velocity editing is quite useful because of the stunning features of this app. The app is quite smart as it is programmed to assist you in giving you its best while doing Velocity Edition.


Creating a velocity edit video with CapCut is a breeze.

Just follow the steps mentioned above, and you’ll be able to turn your editing dreams into reality with ease. With just a few clicks, you can create stunning velocity edit videos that will impress everyone. Give it a shot, and you won’t regret it!

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