CapCut Editing Tips

CapCut is quite a unique tool for making cool videos in no time. If you are a video maker and want to transform your videos into more cinematic and professional ones, then you need to learn how to use CapCut APK.

With advanced editing features and easy-to-use interface, CapCut beats all the heavy-duty video editing tools like Filmora, Adobe Premier, etc.

That’s why learning the editing tips on CapCut is worth it. Stick with us to learn the top video editing tips on CapCut.

capcut editing tips

Capcut Editing Tips And Tricks To Beautify Your Videos

It does not matter if you are a TikToker or a YouTuber by profession; CapCut video editing tool is going to make your life easy. 

From editing audios to trimming videos, everything can be done in a simple way with CapCut. You can make your videos engaging by using cool effects, transitions, templates, and making funny changes. 

Interested? Want to know more? Well, without much ado, let’s start the CapCut tutorial.

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· CapCut on PC

Fine-tuning Video Speed And Playback

Our first tip for you is fine-tuning video speed and playback. 

CapCut lets you change the speed of your videos in a short period. Sometimes, we speak too fast in videos, then we need it to slow down. In such cases, this feature of CapCut plays an imperative role. You can use it to slow down your video so that any viewer can easily understand what’s in your video.

If someone speaks too slowly, it can make the viewer bored. To avoid this, you can adjust the speed of your video and make it faster. By doing so, your video will not bore your viewer.

It is one of the best Capcut Editing Tips for many reasons.

If your video has some parts that need different speeds, then no problem! You can make the most of this fine-tuning feature of Capcut to change the speed of different parts of your video. 

First of all, you have to cut your video into smaller sections by tapping on the scissors icon. After that, you have to pick different speeds for each section. By tapping on a single section, click edit from the bottom options and then click on speed.

slow motion effect in capcut
Click edit then speed to create slow motion effect in CapCut

Furthermore, you can mix the speed with other effects, like adding text or even music, to make your video engaging and interesting. 

Making Use Of Keyframe Animation

Using keyframe animation is also one of the coolest CapCut editing tips

Keyframes let you add points to your video. For example, first, you create a point or keyframe at 1:00 time on your video, then, second, at 1:15. On the second keyframe, you zoom your video. Now, you created a nice zoom animation of fifteen seconds. 

With this feature, your creativity is the limit.

You can now add creative stuff by making use of this feature. It will work like a magic trick, as you can make everything smooth and look fabulous.

CapCut Keyframe Tutorial
CapCut Keyframe Tutorial: Click on + icon to add keyframes

CapCut does not limit you here, as you can change the speed of these moves according to your choice. These moves will make your video transitions cool and smooth. Whether you want to make videos on social videos or funny ones, you can benefit from this cool editing tip.

Reverse Playback

Reverse playback is also a cool CapCut trick to use. If you use it creatively, you can create the most engaging videos, as it keeps the viewers wondering how this video can be possible.

You do not have to start it from the beginning. You can start reverse playback at any time of your video. Moreover, you can even apply this tip in the middle or end of your video to make it enjoyable.

For instance, if someone throws a ball, you can play it in reverse to make your video look unique. Also, you can add magical effects in the videos, like reversing the water droplets floating in the air. It will surely turn your video into a dreamy scene.

Green Screen

Green screen is one of the secret CapCut editing tips. 

You may have seen Avengers and its series. All the animations have been done with the help of the green screen. A person stands in front of the green screen, and then the computer changes the background into something completely different. For instance, change it into a beach or a planet. 

However, there is no need to use a computer as you can use CapCut.

CapCut possesses all the capabilities of heavy-duty video editing tools, from changing the background of your video to adjusting lighting and adding effects.

Here are some quick tips for working with green screens.

  • Good Lighting: Make sure the light on the person and the green wall are the same. There should be no weird shadows or dark spots. If there isn’t enough light, you will need more time to edit that shot.
  • Fine Green Wall: It is vital to ensure that the green wall is smooth. It must not have any folds. In this way, the magic will work better.
  • Stand Far Enough: Ensure the person does not stand too close to the green wall. In this way, there will be no shadows, and the person will look separate from the background. Thus, putting anything in the background would be quite easy.


To sum up, each of these CapCut editing tips is enough to make you a professional video editor.

Whether you are new in this field or a professional video editor, CapCut is going to make things easier for you. 

Further, you can now edit videos on your smartphone in minutes instead of sitting for hours on the computer. 

CapCut saves time and effort and adds appeal and magic to the video. Always remember to experiment with different things to add uniqueness to your videos.

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